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Reputation Management can increase visibility, build up brand equity, and help generate advocacy all while building your online reputation.

Introduction to Online Reputation Management

To build a business is inarguably the toughest. If you’re an owner, you juggle several duties, don many hats, and tough it out when the chips are down. Adding more to the woes is this predominant digital age, where online consumers hold more power over the brands, and put organizations in a state of struggle to create a positive word of mouth.

In the current scheme of things, customers are powerful enough to make or mar a business with online feedback.

With competition so steep and stakes so high, organizations are increasingly identifying Online Management as a key strategic area for building a positive online footprint and improving brand engagement.

Online Reputation Management is a set of processes used for improving and strengthening every bit of information online to create a positive brand outlook. It involves retaining and improving on the positive content while cleaning up the negative reviews, posts, and images to leverage reputation in a way that favors growth and better customer engagement.

A Brand’s Online Reputation is Measurable Using Metrics on These Key Platforms:

  • Google Search;
  • Google Autocomplete;
  • Google Reviews, Yelp, and other review websites;

Why is Online Reputation Important?


..people collaborate with, and consumers buy from a brand when it has a strong market standing and a positive record of service.

A research says that 67% of customers are influenced by online reviews. It further adds that businesses risk losing 22% of business when a potential customer reads a negative article on the first page of search results. This number multiples to 44% with two negative articles, and 59% with three negative articles.

Online Reputation Management puts what’s positive and influential about the brand in front of a customer whenever he searches online, and creates new opportunities of growth.

A well-established online reputation can help businesses acquire right talent. Almost 74% of jobseekers look employment portals to know what former and current employees have to say about an organization, and make decisions based on what they see. If there are only good things in the mentions, jobseekers feel more confident about joining the organization.

TripAdvisor’s latest study conducted in 2018 in partnership with Ipsos MORI estimated that 97% of travel business owners and operators in the United States identified Online Reputation Management as important to their businesses. This trend isn’t exclusive to travel businesses only. More industries are waking up to it and planning on investments to boost and double their online footprint.

These statistics augur a catapulting interest of industries in boosting online reputation, which would contribute to the existing market competition. If a brand wants to stand out of the competition, it will need to focus on increasing its positive footprint already.

Reputation Management Services - What is the Process?

Every time, a customer looks at buying services / products, or a collaborator seeks a business partnership with a brand, the first place he goes to know more about the prospect is the Internet. The Online Reputation Management starts just there.

Here’s a step-to-step description of how Online Reputation Management is carried out.

a. Doing a Comprehensive Audit of Current Online Reputation and Cleaning Up the Negative Content.

- Diagnosing Google rankings and social media impact.
- Looking into how customers search a brand.
- Checking if the brand’s social pages are consistent in terms of content and the target audience.
- Searching for any spelling errors in the brand’s name across various platforms on the internet.
- Monitoring of keyword and phrase appearances.

b. Diagnosing the Google Ranking the Brand Shows Up At

How often do you look past the first page of Google whenever you carry out a search? As rare as never, right? Almost 93% of searches never reach the second page, which means, users make an impression by going through the first 10 searches only. This is why, it’s of vital importance to figure out the Google rank of a brand and check the category of the online reputation it falls under. Following are the four categories defining online reputation:

- Negative : The most damaging of all, this category represents a total negative online footprint. Everything online, from customer to employee reviews, and from online status to blog posts, is despicably negative and has left the brand reputation in tatters.

- Irrelevant : A brand falling under this category has a few results about it online, but unrelated and irrelevant. Whatever little information the brand has is neither making or breaking it. It’s absolutely of no avail.

- Positive & Relevant : Accomplishing a full-fledged positive online footprint is the standing aim of organizations, and so is this category. This category means that there are only and only positive online results in circulation about a brand, and it enjoys an overwhelming customer engagement across designated channels and routes.

c. Washing Off Negativity from the Social Media

In today’s day and age, if a brand doesn’t have an all-dominant social media presence and isn’t even hounded by that, we take a minute to observe silence. Social media is as much empowering as disempowering. If a brand doesn’t exist on social media, it doesn’t exist for real.

The process of Online Reputation Management takes a systematic review of a brand’s social media accounts and eliminates the negative posts / images / comments that could have been driving away its potential leads. At next level, a definitive approach is adopted to create, improve, promote, and advocate brand-oriented messages to targeted target audience, and multiply outreach. HR personnel are asked to use social media as a content screening tool to identify the strong and pain points, and reinforce the brand that embodies competitive and cultural spirit.

d. Reputation Analysis and Reporting

Monitoring the progress of the ORM process and tracking the end results is important to check if it’s carried out fairly and achieving what’s anticipated. Everything, from online reviews, search rankings, and Wikipedia updates, are constantly monitored in real-time and help assess the exact changes in the online reputation. If any pain points are diagnosed, a different mix of strategies is conceived to resolve the issues.

Post analysis, a clear, coherent report with all necessary metrics is furnished to help the client know if the ORM process is actually delivering. This report encompasses data reflecting the actual progress made, and every significant change that might have occurred during the reporting period.

e. Performing Future Analysis and Planning in Advance

Once the reputation maturity is known, and the best of all the revival plans have been chosen and implemented, it’s time to create a blueprint for the future and decide on the evolving strategies to keep the growth intact.

A lot of predictive planning depends on the kind of progress achieved so far, the budget allocation, and the scale of reputation strength a brand is aiming for.

How Can SpiderOrbit Help?

Brand reputation is precious, but fragile. Customers like and choose brands when they are convinced of their market goodwill. This is why, managing and monitoring an aspect as influential and growth-driving as brand reputation requires professional expertise.

SpiderOrbit has hands-on experience in crafting actionable ORM strategies that actually work. We provide varying levels of online reputation management services, targeted at giving your brand a much-needed facelift and helping it carve a distinguished web presence. At SpiderOrbit, we employ client-oriented approach to understand specific requirements of brands and adopt strategies that are uniquely focused.

The hyper-competitive market ecosystem demands a comprehensive reputation analysis and quality assurance strategy. We track developments - small or significant - based on metrics, performance, and return on investments, and assimilate them into a report that breaks down the complexity of metrics into the simplest jargon. Our passionate professionals think about the traditional ways of ORM and do deep thinking for developing bold and innovative strategies that reinforces brand reputation in the increasingly fluid business environment.

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