Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

We drive legitimate ad clicks and boost sales conversions by creating goal-driven strategies that perfectly meet specialized business needs.

The professionals at SpiderOrbit provide high-touch expertise in planning and implementing PPC strategies that boost online visibility. Our integrated campaign strategies are uniquely focused on leveraging online touchpoints in a way that ads get maximum exposure, drive clicks, and boost traffic to the websites. We specialize in a range of PPC services, including Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Advertising, PPC Remarketing, and Social Advertising.

We understand SEO, Online Marketing and Google Algorithms in their entirety, and are aware of their ever-evolving nature. With our key PPC strategies coupled with quality content and rapid methodologies, we help organizations win and maintain the maximum impression rate and unlock the fullest potential online.

Besides defining PPC strategies for our clients, we manage their accounts on a daily basis to see which metrics are working and which aren’t. Based on the results, we rework our agendas to enhance our Keyword Targeting, Ad Copy Testing and Bid Monitoring with an aim to maximize ROI and energize growth.

SpiderOrbit has earned over 100+ clients owing to its expertise in developing PPC strategies that match with the complex and diverse business specifics. We have a proven record in providing integrated PPC offerings and suggesting a prioritized list of recommended activities to our clients for leveraging their online presence and creating new revenue streams for competitive advantage.

Paid Search Advertising

We have years of experience in PPC Search Advertising and developing strategies that attract and convert. The best part? We do everything while managing overall costs as efficiently as possible. We value money like no one else. 

PPC Remarketing

Not only do we provide a facelift to brands in the online space, but also reinforce them by strategically placing ads in front of customers who’ve already visited them. We don’t help businesses *make* customers. We help them in *earning* them. With our client-oriented PPC Remarketing strategies, we ensure maximum engagement and customer retention.

Social Advertising

Social Media Channels, say Facebook and Twitter, can greatly augment a brand’s visibility and awareness across the designated online routes. We ensure social success for the brands by developing effective and growth-provocative social advertising strategies, which are targeted to meet KPIs and specific growth objectives.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a key to increasing brand exposure and conversions. We have the right professional expertise and technology to assess, implement, and manage both direct response and brand awareness campaigns.

Video Advertising

SpiderOrbit has skills and expertise in creating video adverts that increase brands’ visibility by ten-fold. We take businesses in front of the right audience with a compelling video idea, which is further strengthened by our copywriting acumen and immersive visual elements, and build consistent visibility online for competitive growth.

We’ve got enough experience to create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


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