First Page SEO Guarantee – Biggest Lie Ever

Sometimes we come across companies that guaranteed SEO services to their clients. Start-up companies highly rely on the agencies that offer guaranteed SEO services supposing that their website would rank on the first page of Google. It is high time that the companies wake up from the false dreams shown by the agencies and instead pay more heed to the actual things that matter to gain the Google ranking. There are more promising ways in the market than SEO that assist in booming your website. In this article, we have discussed guaranteed SEO services and how they can ruin the growth of your website.

What are guaranteed SEO services?

As the name suggests, guaranteed SEO services are those that assure you first-page rankings on Google. If the agency that promised the SEO services failed to accomplish the result, most likely the first-page rankings, it would offer a money-back or free SEO service for a certain amount of time. The guarantee here refers not to the assurance of the use of SEO or the results they produce, but the rankings on the search engine pages. Gone are the days when the guaranteed SEO services used to be the most successful means to attain rankings, but that is not the case anymore.

There are various risks associated with guaranteed SEO services that most people are unaware of. Before getting into the mud, you should know what cost you will have to pay for the guaranteed SEO services. Also, Google, the most used search engine, often warns companies against the use of SEO services, as it has a crystal clear idea about how things spin with the use of SEO. The prominent search engine also mentioned that the SEO company should show realistic estimates in terms of improvement instead of claiming to yield first place in the search results.

How do search engines control rankings?

The search engine rankings cannot be controlled by the SEO agencies and that is what Google always asserts to its users. There are tons of factors that make up the search engine rankings other than SEO. The Google ranking algorithm has had a big hand in the rankings. With often updating ranking algorithms, no one is sure about how it all works. However, we cannot completely deny the fact that SEO services could be of great benefit if used by authentic SEO professionals who can predict the ranking algorithm and how it helps rank high.

Many companies use illegitimate methods and trick Google’s algorithms to rank on the first page. The companies that promise to deliver guaranteed SEO services may do the tricks to get the rankings, but if caught by Google doing so, the companies would be penalized. The traffic that visits your website matters a lot in the long term. Though wrong keywords may drive traffic to your page, which in turn increases the ranking, they may not last long as they are not considered to be qualified traffic.

Conversion Highly Matters in Ranking

Conversion matters a lot and so are the qualified visitors. The purpose of hiring an SEO should always aim at achieving conversions and not using wrong keywords for a short-term benefit. The targeted traffic is significant to finding an effective way to yield leads. The sales and the growth of the website would automatically increase if the unique traffic is targeted. Here the optimization of the site comes into the picture, which is the best choice the SEO company can ever make. The genuine purpose of the user will be met only with the quality of the content and the authenticity of the info provided on the page. That is exactly when the user will leave a lead.

Requirements to look up in an SEO firm

There are distinct things that need to be considered before signing a contract with an SEO company. The SEO company should satisfy certain requirements and we have discussed them here.

No trick players, please

It is very essential to take the legitimate path to win over Google as well as the traffic. To achieve it, SEO companies should always keep things transparent and not practice any tricks that could land the website in trouble.

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge comes with experience and the SEO company must have knowledge that is accomplished with experience. The success rate of the company as well as the methodologies used to secure the rankings should be examined closely. If the agency is vocal about all its techniques that it is, it can be considered trustworthy, but if that is not the case, there must be something up its sleeve.

Capable of designing custom strategies

Each company has its unique requirements which need to be identified by the SEO agency. A moral SEO agency always evaluates the requirements of its client and then designs a custom strategy accordingly. Using the same strategy for all the websites would do no good. The information should be gathered from the client and then be put together to design the best strategy.

Great Time Sense

Time is money and it should be the slogan of the SEO company you choose to work with. If the time is respected and work is done, therefore, the outcome would be super satisfactory.

Access to Tracking

SEO companies should give their clients access to the tracking of the ongoing project. The progress should be monitored by the client and the SEO agency should submit the report of the progress as and when inquired by the client company.


To secure the top ranking on Google is not a distant dream, but using wrong SEO practices or relying on unprofessional SEO agencies may definitely make it one. The client, as well as the SEO agency, should work together in determining the prime goal of their coalition to witness the success they are dreaming of. Look into every point we covered in this article as it makes your quest for the best SEO firm susceptible.

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