How to Find Right Audience with Location-Based Targeting?

Marketing has become a really important part of the growth of every business out there and in order to do it correctly, ads are a really easy and effective solution. Even within ads, there are an unlimited number of options you can use to advertise your brand and among them, location-based targeting is one of the best ways to gain an audience that can turn into potential customers. Location-based targeting is something that’s been around for quite a while now, but with the growing importance of marketing, it has become a lot more important than it used to be earlier. 

If you’re willing to get into using location-based targeting to help grow your business, here is everything that will help you do it correctly. 

Why should you use location-based targeting?

Information about the location of a customer is a very important aspect when it comes to providing personalized suggestions and services. Recent research has shown that over 70% of internet users are willing to provide their location details for better services or any such reason. So, making use of this valuable information can create fortunes in your business. Location-based targeting helps your business with a wide range of things. It provides details about where you can market your brand to bring in the maximum number of customers. 

Where does location-based targeting work best?

Location-based targeting can be very helpful for businesses with an offline location. Geographical targeting is especially helpful for such businesses because it gives you a much higher chance of gaining actual customers. If we’re talking about offline businesses, having a hell ton of likes on social media won’t help you out when it comes to gaining more real-life customers. In this case, geographical or location-based targeting helps you target an audience that resides around an accessible radius of your business. This is a very effective way to turn an audience into real-life customers.  

Tips to Help you get Better at Location-Based Targeting

Geography-based targeting can be pretty difficult to master, especially if you’re someone that’s new, you can end up a huge mess within no time. In order to avoid such a situation, gaining enough knowledge about location-based targeting is important. To help you out a little, we have listed out a few very important tips that you should know. 

1. Figure out the needs of your target audience 

There are different locations out there that can be used for marketing your business, but figuring out which one’s good is a tricky task. The first step to getting clarity over this situation is to figure out the demographic of your target audience. If your business targets women and housewives, in particular, a good place for marketing can be a supermarket. In the same way, if you’re targeting teenage people, stadiums or bars could bring in a huge deal. Figure out the demographic and look for locations around your business that your potential customers might be visiting and start advertising from there. 

2. Set a fixed radius

Set a specified radius up to which you’ll be marketing your brand. Do not waste your time trying to cover a large area because traveling such a long distance might be a hassle for your customers. If you’re a local small business, sticking to a 1-3 mile radius would be perfect. It is important to know that people only choose your business if it seems nice and is within a comfortable distance. No matter how good your product is, most customers will not be ready to go through a full 50-mile drive just to get to your store. Choose a specific radius, and do your best in marketing your brand within that radius. 

3. Adjust location-specific priorities on your online ads

We’ve only talked about offline ads all this while, but if you are willing to market your brand on the internet, you need to be careful about a few things. First, find out if the majority of the people in your area are well connected to the internet or not. In urban areas, this is not an issue, but if your business is set up in a more secluded and tucked-in location, internet ads might not be the best. If you do end up choosing online ads, make sure to prioritize your location because you don’t want to spend money on ads just so some random stranger on the other side of the world might see you. 

4. Look into the geography-specific events 

First, go through your calendar and start by looking for any specific festivals or important days that are coming up. If you have no luck with that, find out if there are any exhibits or other kinds of stuff where a considerable amount of people might gather. Your priority is to look for an opportunity where a good number of people will gather at a particular place so that you can use it for marketing your brand. 


If you’re a small business considering location-based targeting for your marketing needs, you’ve made a very clever decision. Location-based targeting makes it extremely easy to target people that have a higher possibility to turn into potential customers. Go through the tips that we’ve given to help understand the concept of geography-based targeting a little better. In the end, we hope that location-based targeting works out for you and that your business flourishes.

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